Local Circular Food Economy

South Fort Collins Food Scrap Composting & Farm Partnership

Bring your food scraps to the farm!

Weekly 4 Gallon Green Bucket – $20

Local Food Scrap Composting

Compost Queen is proud to partner with Sagrada Botanical Gardens in West Fort Collins. This 1.7 acre parcel is being built as a community botanical garden in the heart of Fort Collins, Colorado. Their Mission is to reconnect sustainable food and natural medicine practices to the community through the development of community land providing edible and medicinal gardens, organic farm to table food, education and regenerative land experiences.

Compost Queen will be collecting food scraps for composting at Sagrada Botanical Gardens and managing on site compost operations. Active aerobic composting at accelerates the process of renewing carbon resources into nutrient dense soil amendments. This process closes the loop from spent carbon resources to enriching new carbon resources, starting the food cycle over again.  


How Does Drop Off Food Scrap Composting Work?

Pick up your green Compost Queen bucket from the farm. They’ll be in our drop container, and your welcome email will have instructions.

Fill your bucket with acceptable compostable items. We’re not taking meat, dairy or compostable packaging to start.

Bring the bucket back to the farm once you fill it up! Take a breath and enjoy the serenity before you go back to your busy life.

Dump the contents of your bucket into the receptacle at the farm. Don’t tie your green bags please!

Take a new compostable bag to line your green bucket and help keep it clean. These are provided in the compost drop container.

Come back when your bucket is full or when you just need a break from the normal day. Keep an eye out for special farm events and goodies!

No Mess!

Is your green bucket full? Time to visit the farm for a drop-off. 

Refreshing your bucket at our convenient drop off location only takes a few moments.

No Smell!

The green lid of your bucket snaps tight to lock in odors.

Our compostable bag liners help keep your bucket fresh.

Spring Compost!

Every Spring we offer customers food scrap compost to use in their lawns, house plants, home gardens or flower beds. 

Get $20 Off Service

Use the code “Sagrada” when you checkout for $20 off!

Curbside Pickup Food Scrap Composting

Want to compost right from your door? Compost Queen offers curbside pickup of food scraps on both weekly and bi-weekly plans. Service starts at $20 per month and is available in Fort Collins, Laporte and Timnath.