Food Scrap Compost

Compost Queen turns our food scraps to black gold through a backyard composting method.

Our finished material is then screen sifted and soil tested to ensure the highest quality finished product. This compost isn’t what you can get in stores – it’s locally sourced carbon and nitrogen teaming with beneficial microbes, fungus and bacteria to get your garden or lawn back to balanced.

Using locally sourced compost keeps carbon locked in our local soil economy and improves water retention of our clay heavy Colorado soils. Add anywhere from 1/2″ to 1″ top dressing in your lawn, garden or shrubs and water in. We recommend a (green) mulch on top to help retain moisture.

Subscribers of our food scrap pickup program get up to 25lbs of compost twice a year – Get Composting today!




Our goal of keeping food scraps out of our Northern Colorado landfills generates beautiful, nutrient dense compost that is great for growing your own garden, trees, shrubs or lawns. Amending your soil with compost or top dressing is a great way to introduce life to your soils, improve water retention and refresh your soil quality after years of growing. We hand turn and sift this organic black gold on urban farms in Fort Collins.

Our 1 lb bag is the perfect way to spruce up a few seedlings or breath new life into your favorite house plants.

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Weight 1 lbs

1 lb., 25 lb.