Commercial 23 Gallon Weekly Service

Commercial 23 gallon pickup service once per week. A monthly report will be sent to show how much you helped the environment.

$150.00 / month and a $75.00 sign-up fee


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Compost Queen’s commercial composting service picks up a 23 gallon waste container once a week and replaces it with a clean new one. Our 23 gallon containers can accommodate up to 75 pounds of waste each week. These bins are recommended for small restaurant kitchens or medium sized office break rooms/kitchens with less than 35 employees. We do not recommend this to be used as a customer waste receptacle, as contamination occurs frequently.  At the initial drop off, the location of the bin will be discussed and agreed upon by both parties for weekly pickup. This service is only currently available to businesses residing in Fort Collins, Wellington, Laporte, and Timnath. You’ll get monthly reports on how much you’re composting and the amount of CO2 and methane you diverted from the air into healthy soil amendments! All businesses are encouraged to post these reports for employees and customers to see how they’re doing in helping the environment! Remember, we do not accept compostable containers or any animal products (except egg shells). 

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Weight 1 lbs