Local Food Scrap Composting

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A Woman Owned, Northern Colorado Public Benefit Corporation

Here's How it Works

You get a bucket delivered with curbside compost service or from a drop site. The lid snaps on tight so you don’t have to worry about odors, and it’s big enough to hold up to two weeks of scraps.

Fill ‘er up! Toss in your food scraps from the kitchen counter. Remember to avoid meat or dairy and compostable packaging at this time, as we’re backyard composting right here in Fort Collins.

Put your compost bucket out when you get your reminder text message, or take it to one of our drop off sites like The Human Bean. Enjoy a little treat while you’re there!

Curbside customers get their buckets weighed and emptied, while drop off customers have to empty their own. The pickup weights help us craft our compost recipe and measure offset.

Compostable bag liners for your bucket help keep it clean and easy for the next time around. Curbside customers get a fresh liner with service, drop off customers have bags available on site.

Reset, refreshed and ready to rock! Your compost will be picked up weekly or bi-weekly with service reminders via text or email. Drop off customers can come as needed to their drop location.