Locally Made Food Scrap Compost

Teaming with all sorts of nutrients and beneficial microbes, hand made in Fort Collins.

The perfect amendment for your garden, lawn or house plant!

We Make Compost in Northern Colorado

compost being shoveled

We pick up food scraps and leaves from our home composting subscribers all year. We monitor the food waste stream, turn and water our compost piles while carefully monitoring them all season long. We finish with curing, screening and soil testing our material to make sure we only have the best quality going out the door.

The rest is up to you – put it in your garden, lawn or top dress your house plants to help retain water content and feed your plants a natural fertilizer. 

Our compost is available in one, ten, twenty and fifty pound deliveries within our service area in Fort Collins, Timnath, Wellington and Laporte, Colorado. 

Locally Made

We collect food scraps from homes in Northern Colorado and turn it into compost the old fashioned way.

The Perfect Fertilizer

Dress your house plants, gardens or lawns with a half inch to two inches of compost and water in this natural fertilzer

Retain Water, Improve Soils

Using compost improves soil structure and water retention, which we desperately need in Colorado’s clay soils


Pull back the top soil and add a half inch to two inches of compost, cover with soil or mulch (we like green mulches!)


Water in your compost to your lawn, garden or house plant and over time nutrients will travel to the roots


Watch your garden grow with an all natural, long term fertilizer that releases food over time and helps retain water!

Get Free Compost

It’s easy – you fill a green bucket and we recycle your food waste. You get free compost!

Locally Female Owned & Operated

Compost Queen is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) owned and operated in the community it serves. Based in Fort Collins since September of 2018, our goal is to provide the community with the knowledge and resources they need to make a serious impact in the Fort Collins Zero Waste Initiative. 

Check out our service map to see if we can come to you!

Have questions? Want to get in touch? 

Compost Queen Owner Jamie Blanchard-Poling