Curbside Composting

Our most popular option, perfect for households of three or more

$35 Per Month

Good for small households with <10lbs/week of scraps

$25 Per Month

Make the Change

Home food scrap composting is one of the biggest improvements you can make to your lifestyle to reduce your carbon impact. The average American generates one pound of food scraps per day. 

Start with biweekly service if you’re in a household of 3 or less, and consider weekly service if you have a home with four or more individuals. If you’re not sure you produce enough waste – try freezing all your scraps for two weeks. 

All of this waste adds up – especially in our landfills – where it rots and releases greenhouse gasses and toxic runoff into the earth. But you can stop all that with curbside pickup.

Put your food waste in the green bin, and we’ll replace it with a clean bucket once or twice a month. It’s so easy!

Local, Backyard Composting

Please remember, we do not accept compostable packaging, cardboard or paper towels. Please check out our do’s and don’ts list here.

Check Your Address

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Looking for commercial or business services? 

Woman Owned Business

Jamie is the owner of Compost Queen and a passionate advocate for sustainability and environmental education. She holds a CCOM (Certified Compost Operations Manager) certificate from the USCC, which signifies her expertise in composting and commitment to high standards of quality and safety. In addition to her work in composting, Jamie is deeply invested in supporting women in STEM and empowering youth to make positive environmental choices. She is particularly interested in educating youth on the importance of food waste in the carbon cycle and empowering them to take action in their local communities.


With Compost Queen, Jamie has created a successful business that not only provides valuable composting services to the community but also fosters a sense of environmental responsibility and stewardship. Her dedication to sustainability, education, and community empowerment makes her a valuable leader in the Larimer County community.

Compost Queen Owner Jamie Blanchard-Poling

Compost Queen operates Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity food scrap facilities throughout Larimer County, keeping your carbon footprint hyper local.

Farmers get the benefit of having a managed composting process that remediates pathogens and unwanted seeds to produce a high quality soil amendment and fertilizer.

Your food scraps go to improving local soils and growing high quality crops right where you live. The best part? You get access to high quality food scrap compost from Compost Queen.

The Recipe is the Key

Composting is the process of turning organic material into a soil amendment through the use of an aerobic process that requires water, carbon and nitrogen. Compost Queen does thermophilic composting, relying on microbes, bacteria, nematodes, amoebas, fungus and more to accelerate decomposition.

Finding the perfect balance of recipe for your feedstocks and your environment leads to the production of a high quality soil amendment often known as compost, or particulate organic matter. This material can greatly increase soil organic matter, water retention and crop yields.

We make small batch, craft compost to build better soils, reduce greenhouse gasses and improve local agricultural production.