Curbside Composting

Our most popular option, perfect for households of three or more

$30 Per Month

Good for small households with <10lbs/week of scraps

$20 Per Month

Make the Change

Home food scrap composting is one of the biggest improvements you can make to your lifestyle to reduce your carbon impact. The average American generates one pound of food scraps per day.

All of this waste adds up – especially in our landfills – where it rots and releases greenhouse gasses and toxic runoff into the earth. But you can stop all that with curbside pickup.

Put your food waste in the green bin, and we’ll replace it with a clean bucket once or twice a month. It’s so easy!

Local, Backyard Composting

Please remember, only meat-free, dairy-free, and container-free compost can be collected at this time. Please check out our do’s and don’ts list here.

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