Consulting Services

Are you looking to start your own composting system but aren't sure where to start? Compost Queen can help!

Compost Queen can help anyone set up their own composting system, no matter how large scale. We have experience setting up small backyard systems to large 3 bin systems for apartment complexes, and make sure you are doing it correctly no matter how long it takes. Compost Queen will be with you the whole way. From determining what type of system should be set up, to how to compost, all the way to how to use your finished product, Compost Queen will get you composting!

Above is an example of a 3 bin system set up for an apartment complex in Fort Collins

Compost Queen’s consulting services are for those who want to start composting and do it themselves. Compost Queen will help you figure out what kind of system you need and give you all the plans required so you can build or buy the system you need. Compost Queen will give you instructions on how to compost, and give you monthly check-ins on how your doing, but does not monitor your compost for you. That part is up to you! The goal of our consulting services is to educate others on how to compost, diverting precious organic waste away from our landfills and turning it into priceless black gold that you can use in your own garden or landscaping projects. 

Please send us a message below if you are interested in consulting services!