Commercial Composting

Meeting your diversion goals with local resources for organics waste management.

Are you looking for commercial or industrial composting services for your business, office, cafeteria or manufacturing facility? Compost Queen is happy to offer unique compostable waste management solutions for businesses in Larimer County. 

Did you know that food scraps produce 3.8lbs of  greenhouse gas per pound of food sent to the landfill? About 30% of this is composed of methane, a greenhouse gas that is dramatically more damaging to our climate than Carbon Dioxide. 

Diverting your food scraps is easy. We can work with your team to develop a successful food diversion plan, provide educational resources and work on invoices or with third party billing to meet your ESG needs. 

Your Needs, Met on Your Terms

Every business has different needs based on their operations and industry. Compost Queen can scale to meet solutions from 4 gallons every other week to hundreds of gallons weekly.

We come to your facility and provide regular statistics for organics diversions through collected weight. This allows businesses to quantify their carbon reduction efforts to meet their internal or external goals. 

Ready to learn more? Reach out to us today for a custom quote.