Sustainable Generation, an environmental technology company focused on improving processes for the compost industry announces its collaboration with Compost Queen. Compost Queen will host a grand opening of its newest facility and headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado, found at 1505 North College Avenue, next to Back Gate Farm. This endeavor marks Compost Queen’s fourth establishment in Fort Collins, being a significant stride towards sustainable waste management in the Northern Colorado community.

Scott Woods, CEO of Sustainable Generation, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, “We are proud to partner with Compost Queen in their endeavor to divert food waste from landfills. Our SG MOBILE® System ensures efficient and odor-controlled composting, aligning perfectly with Compost Queen’s vision for a greener future and unique setting in an urban environment.”

The strategic placement of the new headquarters in Fort Collins aligns with recent updates in Colorado laws for Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity facilities for food waste. This facility, powered by Sustainable Generation’s innovative technology, can efficiently process organic waste while controlling odors and producing high-quality soil amendments. The scalable and portable nature of the SG MOBILE® System with GORE® Cover empowers Compost Queen to serve both residential and commercial accounts, amplifying its impact on waste diversion and environmental sustainability.

This progressive leap in sustainable waste management was made possible, in part, by a grant from the Front Range Waste Diversion (FRWD) program, poised to divert over 700 tons of material annually from landfills. This synergy underscores Compost Queen’s dedication to harnessing partnerships and state initiatives to achieve climate impact goals and propel towards a zero-waste, circular economy.

“We are thrilled to bring our business to North College and serve as an icon of the change we can make to food recycling in Fort Collins,” remarked Jamie Blanchard-Poling, Founder and Chief Queen Officer of Compost Queen. “This facility represents a significant investment in sustainable waste management and underscores our commitment to serving the community while protecting the environment.”