We’re celebrating ICAW 2024 this year by focusing on the benefits of food waste composting in Larimer County, where residents have limited access to diversion resources. 

Compost Queen is a community composting service based right here in Fort Collins. We’ve been able to partner with local farms and businesses like the Human Bean to offer food waste diversion in Northern Colorado.

Landfilling compostable materials produces large amounts of greenhouse gas and destroys valuable nutrients that can be used to build local soils. 

When we compost organic waste, our food scraps can build rich soils that retain more water, increase plant growth and are more resistant to erosion. Simply put – your scraps can positively or negatively impact climate change, depending on how you use them.

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfills were shown by the EPA to produce approximately 14% of the methane emissions in the United States. This powerful greenhouse gas is 28 times more effective at trapping heat in our atmosphere than carbon dioxide. 

These landfills are the third largest contributor to methane emissions. You can read more on the importance that the EPA puts on composting and how it impacts climate change over on their website. 

To tackle this problem, communities need to find local diversion resources close to where food waste is generated – homes, restaurants, businesses and more. Local organics diversion creates jobs and circular economies that strengthen communities, even more than traditional waste management.

Actions You Can Take:

Reduce your food waste

Buy less, buy more often, plan ahead, save your left overs, learn to make stock. Check out these tips from the EPA. 


Learn to Compost

Learn online or attend an upcoming local class through a community resource. You can make great compost at home!

Start Service

Check out our options for drop off or curbside pickup composting for your food waste. We’ll even give you compost twice a year!

No matter what action you take, making a change to the way you handle food waste can be the largest positive climate action you can take in your daily life.  For more resources and information on International Compost Awareness Week, check out the Compost Research and Education Foundation.