Turning Scraps to Treasure

Home composting is an effective way to significantly reduce your carbon footprint and improve your local community. When you divert food waste from landfills, you reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help bridge the table to farm gap in the food cycle.

Collecting food scraps is easy – you’re already throwing them away in your home trash can. But successfully composting is difficult. There are many questions such as: how much of what do you add? What can you compost? What can’t you compost? We’ve got answers.

On top of this, composting can be gross. Watching bacteria and fungus breakdown food scraps, stirring and turning piles means playing with your food scraps as they convert to usable material. You may not even have the space for this if you live in a shared home or apartment.

Here’s where Compost Queen comes in. Simply collect your non-dairy, non-animal protein food scraps in a 4 gallon outdoor container and we’ll pick it up weekly. You’ll get a fresh set of compostable bags, keeping it nice and easy. You’ll even get regular reports showing your carbon footprint reduction based on our collection!

In the spring, our members get a full 4 gallon bucket returned of high quality compost for your home garden.

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