The Perfect Holiday Gift

Looking for great gift ideas this holiday season? How about something environmentally friendly, useful and hassle free? 

Weekly home composting service from Compost Queen is the perfect gift for Fort Collins residents! Clean, green and one size fits all. 

Waste Not, Want Not

Did you know? The average American family throws out more than 25% of their food as waste, and nearly 30% of all household waste could be diverted to composting. On top of that, food scraps that decompose in landfills often become anaerobic, producing methane and CO2 gasses that release in to our atmosphere. 

Table to Farm Cycle

You probably know farm-to-table – the idea of eating fresh, locally sourced goods not only builds our community, but provides high quality nutrients to you and your family. 

Whether it’s rinds, peels, grounds, skins, or more, Compost Queen helps Fort Collins families reduce their waste production dramatically and complete the farm to table cycle. 

High quality compost provides organic nutrients to your home garden, lawns, trees and shrubs. This builds better soil that holds more water, actively breaks down nutrients and feeds your plants as they grow. 

Specialized composts and actively airated compost teas can be perfect fertilizers for your lawn, without harmful chemicals that destroy soil life.

How it Works

Once a week, we’ll pick up from our 4 gallon buckets and replace it with a clean compostable bag. You fill this up as needed from your 1 gallon countertop bin, which has a carbon odor filter.

We do all the hard work – sorting, slicing, aerating, watering, turning and more – all to get that sweet, earthy black gold we call compost. In spring, subscribers get compost back for home use.

You get it – but how far are you going? Regular reporting on your environment impact shows you how you’re helping our community. We’ll even show you how much waste we’re diverting in Fort Collins.

Holiday Special Pricing

Bin & Bucket Pack

Give the gift that gives back this holiday season with Compost Queen! 

Get our Bin & Bucket Starter Pack with two months of Home Composting Service for just $49 – that’s a savings of over $50!

You’ll get a 4 gallon outdoor bucket, a 1 gallon stainless steel countertop bin with carbon air filter and two months of weekly pick up service.