US Composting Council Emerging Composter Challenge Winner

Wednesday, January 19th 2022 – Austin, TX: Compost Queen is awarded 3rd place at the United States Composting Council Compost 2022 Emerging Composter Challenge. 

The poster and pitch competition is held annually at the national Compost Conference and looks for research projects and new businesses that span the entire organic food waste recycling industry. 

Jamie Blanchard-Poling and her Microsite Urban Composting Poster

The Pitch? Microsite Urban Composting (M.U.C.) to serve Northern Colorado’s lack of an organics recycling facility. 

The service is simple – subscribers put their food scraps in a 4 gallon green bucket that is picked up from their curbside and composted. Finished compost is soil tested and returned to subscribers for home use in the spring.

The innovation? Local farm partners host composting sites that are managed by Compost Queen. Fort Collins’ unique residential farm density keeps organics recycling hyper local and under the Colorado food scrap limit without a Class III facility license.

Partner sites benefit from managed composting of their own organics and access to tested, finished material for their own use – all while serving as a host site for their neighbors’ food scraps. 

“I’m so thankful to the US Composting Council for hosting this challenge and to McGill Compost for sponsoring the award,” comments Jamie Blanchard-Poling, owner of Compost Queen and USCC Certified Composting Operations Manager.

“This award further shows the need for innovative composting solutions in Northern Colorado to protect our environment and accelerate the Larimer wasteshed plan. Larimer County needs a local composting solution before 2030, and we’re closing the gap right now.”

To see details on the Emerging Composter Challenge and other award winners, visit the US Composting Council website.

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