Closing the Carbon Cycle with Composting

The carbon cycle keeps our environment turning, and here in Northern Colorado is no different.

Whether you live in Fort Collins, Wellington or Timnath, we all share the same landfill – and it’s filling up fast. But it doesn’t have to!

Nearly 30% of waste sent to the landfill could be diverted through composting programs like Compost Queen right here in Northern Colorado.

When food waste goes to the landfill, it can rot and and become anaerobic (lacking air), causing carbon to escape as CO2 into the atmosphere along with methane, two powerful greenhouse gasses.

A single pound of food waste can produce 7lbs of CO2 and 0.5lbs of methane.

Additionally, leachate (food waste juices) can become highly concentrated and enter the ground, poisoning ground water.

Fort Collins, Wellington, Timnath and the rest of Northern Colorado are known for our pristine environment, and we want to protect our land for generations to come.

Locking carbon from our food scraps in to aerobic (breathing) environments allows for beneficial bacteria to break down food scraps back to compost, or humus, for plants to use as nutrients in new growth cycles.

Instead of putting that carbon and methane in to the air, composting pushes those nutrients to the next plant cycle.

Want to get composting but don’t have the time, knowledge or space? We make it easy with Compost Queen! Check out our page to get composting today!

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