Building a Green Business
green business podcast compost queen

Building a Green Business – Podcast Our founder Jamie sat down with Business Reflections podcast to talk about starting a public benefit corporation, navigating a waste management startup, and overcoming the challenges of owning your own small business.  Listen in to this thirty minute interview on how Compost Queen has grown to serve Fort Collins, […]

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Winterizing With Compost

Winterizing With Compost It’s that time of year again. Your garden has been harvested, your plants are starting to wither in the cold temperatures, and the snow is coming (at lease here in Fort Collins, Colorado it is!). So what can you do in the fall to prepare your garden and plants for next spring? […]

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The More You NoCO

Catch us on the Podcast! We got a chance to sit down with Ivan from The More You NoCO podcast to talk about how we’re making a difference in Fort Collins.  Take a listen to the episode when it launches on Spotify, Stitcher and any other of your favorite podcast resources.  Want to take advantage […]

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Home Composting Service
compost being shoveled

Turning Scraps to Treasure Home composting is an effective way to significantly reduce your carbon footprint and improve your local community. When you divert food waste from landfills, you reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help bridge the table to farm gap in the food cycle. Collecting food scraps is easy – you’re already throwing them […]

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