Compost Queen - 2022 Small-Scale Compost Manufacturer of the Year

USCC Executive Director Frank Franciosi and Compost Queen Jamie Blanchard-Poling, Small-Scale Compost Manufacturer of the Year 2022

FORT COLLINS, CO – Compost Queen has been awarded the 2022 Small-Scale Compost Manufacturer of the Year Award from the United States Composting Council at the Compost 2023 annual industry convention in Ontario, CA. 

This award is given to compost manufacturers in regulatory compliant operation for three or more years who display excellence in compost marketing, production and distribution. Nominees must also produce less than 10,000 tons of compost per year. 

Compost Queen is a residential and commercial compost hauler and composter, meaning they both pick up food scraps and manage facilities to compost them. Their unique approach lies in what they call Microsite Urban Community Composting (MUCC) sites which act as a distributed network of small quantity facilities. This allows Compost Queen to be the only publicly accessible food scrap composter in Larimer County, and won Compost Queen the 2021 Emerging Composter Challenge. 

Jamie Blanchard-Poling founded Compost Queen in 2018 and has diverted over a half a million pounds of organics from the Larimer County landfill since. The service is simple – fill a green bucket with acceptable compostable materials and place it at your front door or curbside on collection day. Compost Queen will take your contents to their local farm partner, compost your food scraps and provides a small compost return for home gardens and houseplants. Service is similar surrounding Fort Collins and Timnath with Drop-Off locations at The Human Bean in Wellington, North Fort Collins, Loveland and Windsor. 

The rapid growth of our community in Larimer County and pending closure of the landfill has inspired Compost Queen to fill a service gap in our Colorado Community. As we continue to grow, we must be stewards to land on which we live – which includes diverting the approximately 30% of landfill materials that could be organically recycled (composted). When organics rot and decompose in the landfill without composting practices, they release harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. 

This award for Compost Queen is added to a growing list of accolades coming home to Fort Collins, including the Emerging Composter Challenge and the NextCycle Green Business Accelerator. 

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