Who We Are

Compost Queen is a Public Benefit Corporation in Fort Collins Colorado. We value the environment and our community over our bottom line in order to help our residents reduce their carbon footprint, lower the amount of organic materials going to the landfill, and increase soil biodiversity by offering finished compost back to the customer to use in their own space.

What We Do

Compost Queen PBC is helping the world stay a little greener by recycling food scraps from residential households and commercial businesses and turning it into nutrient rich compost. The finished compost is then returned to the customer to be used in their garden or landscaping, encouraging customers to put nutrients and biodiversity back into the soil and increase water retention rates to aid in decreasing overall water usage for local gardens and landscaping. Doing this also helps decrease the amount of organic material going into the local landfill decreasing greenhouse gases, which will be measured by pounds during service pickup and reported annually.

Where We Serve

Composting in Northern Colorado is underserved, and we’re here to help. We currently operate in Fort Collins, Timnath, Wellington and Laporte for most residences. To fully know if your house is serviceable for Compost Queen, check out the map below. You will need to be able to place your 4 gallon pickup bucket in a location accessible to our truck and small trailer. 

We do not currently offer drop offs, but are actively working on providing this service. If you are interested in hosting a drop off location, please contact us at [email protected]

Woman Owned & Operated

Started in September of 2018, Compost Queen is the brain child of Jamie Blanchard-Poling, a long time environmental steward and nature lover. Inspired by her passion for renewable energy and zero waste, Jamie started Compost Queen to provide Northern Colorado with an achievable option to home composting.