Who We Are

Compost Queen is a Public Benefit Corporation in Fort Collins Colorado. We value the environment and our community over our bottom line in order to help our residents reduce their carbon footprint, lower the amount of organic materials going to the landfill, and increase soil biodiversity by offering finished compost back to the customer to use in their own space.

It all started in 2016 with our first serious gardening season in Northern Colorado. We wanted to close down our small plot at the end of the season and use the nutrients left in the plant to help build the soil, but we had no idea what we were doing. 

After a deep dive online, we settled on a few books and a rotary tumbler. Two years later, we still didn’t have the results we wanted. We looked for a local solution and were surprised to find a lack of any food scrap composters in Larimer County. 

So birthed an idea – we could compost for the people, and return it to them. Think Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) meets waste management – and so Compost Queen was born in September of 2018. 


At Compost Queen, we are dedicated to fostering a sustainable and regenerative future by empowering individuals and communities to embrace the transformative potential of composting. As a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), our mission is to champion environmental stewardship through accessible and innovative composting solutions. We are committed to reducing organic waste, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, enriching soil health, and creating a circular community.

Our purpose extends beyond profit, as we prioritize the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. Compost Queen aims to educate, inspire, and provide practical tools for individuals, businesses, and municipalities to adopt composting practices seamlessly into their daily lives. By promoting circular economy principles, we strive to create a lasting impact on waste reduction and promote the cultivation of nutrient-rich soils for a more resilient and sustainable future.

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to transparency, accountability, and positive community engagement. Compost Queen envisions a world where composting is an integral part of the societal fabric, contributing to the restoration of ecosystems and fostering a deep connection between people and the environment.

Join us on our journey towards a greener, more sustainable planet, as we, the Compost Queen PBC, lead the charge in redefining waste as a valuable resource and cultivating a legacy of environmental harmony.

The Service

The short and sweet of it? We compost for you. 

You fill our green bucket. We pick up your food scraps by emptying and cleaning the bucket on each service visit. 

Every month you’ll get a nice service report showing your climate impact. We do all the hard and dirty work!

Twice a year you will receive an invitation to collect finished compost for your own use.

The Process

Each bucket and cart is visually inspected on the spot to ensure no contamination goes into our waste stream. 

Your food scraps travel along with others to our local farm partners. These partners help us reduce our carbon footprint by creating localized composting hubs instead of distant mega-facilities. Farming partners get the benefit of managed material input and finished compost access. 

Scraps are chopped up and added to our active input piles and logged in our management system. 

The secret sauce to good compost? Size and recipe. We build large scale piles, mix them with carbon inputs like leaves and landscaping browns, add water, and turn accordingly to create the perfect aerobic environment for microbes and fungi. 

Piles are managed through finishing and curing, and a sample is sent for finished testing. 

The Perks

Compost Queen PBC is helping the world stay a little greener and healthier by recycling food scraps from residential households and commercial businesses and turning it into nutrient rich compost. The finished compost is then returned to the customer to be used in their garden or landscaping, encouraging customers to put nutrients and biodiversity back into the soil and increase water retention rates to aid in decreasing overall water usage for local gardens and landscaping. Doing this also helps decrease the amount of organic material going into the local landfill decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

All curbside service includes two annual compost giveback events (free compost!) and measured climate impact reports. The monthly service reports include the weight of food scraps, measured in pounds, diverted from the landfill and your overall climate impact.

Where We Serve

Composting in Northern Colorado is underserved, and Compost Queen is here to help! 

We currently operate in the greater Fort Collins area. To find out if your home or business is within the service area for curbside pickup, click the Service Area button to find maps. If Compost Queen is not yet serving your area, be sure to let us know and join the waitlist for expanded services!

We also have several convenient drop-off locations in Fort Collins, east Loveland, and Windsor.  

Woman Owned & Operated

Compost Queen Owner Jamie Blanchard-Poling

Compost Queen PBC is the passion project of Jamie Blanchard-Poling (also known as the Queen), a long time environmental steward and nature lover. Inspired by her passion for renewable energy and zero waste, Jamie started Compost Queen to provide Northern Colorado with an achievable alternative to home composting.

It all started with a wheelbarrow, clipboard, and highlighter in September of 2018. Under Jamie’s leadership, Compost Queen has grown into a thriving business with a small fleet of vehicles and tractors, several employees, dedicated farm partners, and growing base of supportive customers.

The Queen’s journey as a small business owner showcases her determination to make a difference and addressing a pressing issue: organic waste and its impact on our planet. Through her work, Jamie continues to inspire and encourage others to join the movement for a greener and healthier planet.

To learn more about Jamie, check out one of her Compost 101 courses or ask about compost consulting services.