Food Waste Recycling for Northern Colorado!

The Compost Queen community has diverted more than

pounds of organic waste from the landfill

(as of April 13, 2024)

Karen Lyon
Karen Lyon
February 19, 2024
I love compost queen 👸. I have time and energy to want to help, But not enough to do it all myself. They make it so easy and affordable. I just save things in my bucket and they take it away and do the rest. For those of you who want to be more environmentally conscious, but don't have all the time to do it yourself, this is a great way to go. The staff are friendly, and they really try to work with you. I really like that It feels like I'm making a good Environmental Positive impact.
Lorna Hunt
Lorna Hunt
November 24, 2023
Reliable service and the compost they create was really beneficial to my garden. Highly recommended!
Alicia Renae
Alicia Renae
October 22, 2023
This is a great service! I moved to an apartment, but the door pick up makes composting much easier!
Colin Shannon
Colin Shannon
July 1, 2023
I’ve been using Compost Queen for two years now and they are real friendly folks, with a convenient service to boot. The annual compost give back is also an excellent perk. 5/5 composting!
Krista Knott
Krista Knott
June 25, 2023
Love composting with these fine folks! They’re amazing!
Linda Auld
Linda Auld
April 30, 2023
Compost Queen has been a great addition to our home as we try to go green. We have too little waste to compost our food waste ourselves, so Compost Queen is perfect. We started using their service about 9 months ago and so we’re entitled to 10 gallons of compost which our food scraps helped make! It was quick and easy to go pick it up at the compost site and it looks beautiful. We have been VERY pleased with Compost Queen’s service. They have never missed a pickup, my replacement bucket is always clean and odorless and my questions which I email are always answered promptly. I am so pleased we found out about this company. We have hardly used our garbage disposal since signing up!
Elizabeth Newhall
Elizabeth Newhall
April 30, 2023
I’ve been using Compost Queen for over a year now and I can only say good things about them. I use their weekly pickup service and it’s so incredibly easy. I just put all my food scraps in the bin provided and once a week they come pick it up and give me a clean bucket. I love knowing that I’m doing a little thing that’s good for the earth, and their compost has been AMAZING for my garden! Living in the suburbs means that composting here at my own house isn’t really a great option, so they save me a ton of time and headache by helping with all the hard stuff! Overall, I would give them a 10/10.
Jim Otepka
Jim Otepka
October 18, 2022
We've been using Compost Queen for several years now and continue to appreciate the reliable and friendly service. We also love supporting such a valuable LOCAL resource. The big bag of compost we receive each year is perfect for our house plants and adding some lovin' to our garden. CQ's communication and online/payment portal are excellent as well.
Vannevar Fussell
Vannevar Fussell
April 14, 2022
Awesome community focused composter!

Here's How it Works

You get a bucket delivered with curbside compost service, or pick up one from a drop site. The lid snaps on tight so you don’t have to worry about odors, and it’s big enough to hold up to two weeks of scraps for about three people.

Fill ‘er up! Toss in your food scraps from the kitchen counter. Remember to avoid compostable packaging and uncooked meats at this time. Dairy products and cooked meats/bones are accepted along with plant materials!

Put your compost bucket out when you get your reminder text message, or take it to one of our drop off sites at local businesses, gardens and farms.

Curbside customers get their buckets weighed and emptied, while drop off customers have to empty their own. The pickup weights help us craft our compost recipe and measure offset.

Compostable bag liners for your bucket help keep it clean and easy for the next time around. Curbside customers get a fresh liner with service, drop off customers have bags available on site.

Reset, refreshed and ready to rock! Your compost will be picked up weekly or bi-weekly with service reminders via text or email. Drop off customers can come as needed to their drop location.

Compost Queen operates Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity food scrap facilities throughout Larimer County, keeping your carbon footprint hyper local. 

Farmers get the benefit of having a managed composting process that remediates pathogens and unwanted seeds to produce a high quality soil amendment and fertilizer. 

Your food scraps go to improving local soils and growing high quality crops right where you live. The best part? You get access to high quality food scrap compost from Compost Queen.

The Recipe Is the Key

Composting is the process of turning organic material into a soil amendment through the use of an aerobic process that requires water, carbon and nitrogen. Compost Queen does thermophilic composting, relying on microbes, bacteria, nematodes, amoebas, fungus and more to accelerate decomposition.

Finding the perfect balance of recipe for your feedstocks and your environment leads to the production of a high quality soil amendment often known as compost, or particulate organic matter. This material can greatly increase soil organic matter, water retention and crop yields. 

We make small batch, craft compost to build better soils, reduce greenhouse gasses and improve local agricultural production. 

Curbside Food Scrap Collection & Composting

Compost with the Queen!

Short and sweet? You put food scraps in a green bucket, we stop by and empty it for you!

We compost for you all year, returning compost in the spring and fall, and collecting bagged leaves and pumpkins in the fall. 

We serve everyone!

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, townhome, or house, we can help you compost!


We compost everything we accept at local farms in and around the Fort Collins area. 

We keep your waste local, create a local finished compost product for you, and you get some back to use in your own gardens!

Curbside Pickups

We drive to your door and pick up a 4 gallon bucket full of your food scraps

Table To Farm Composting

No mess, no fuss composting done right, locally, and returned in the spring and fall

Measured Carbon Reduction

Your account shows your total impact, including miles offset, total pounds collected, and trees planted!

Farmers Market Drop-Off Composting

Looking for an easy way to try on composting your food waste? Compost Queen has the perfect solution! Visit us at the Fort Collins or Larimer County Farmers Markets throughout

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